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Original Seasoned Soy Curls are a simple, delicious, and healthy way to add satisfying plant-based protein to any meal! Our Soy Curls are fully prepared and made with all natural non-GMO ingredients, high in fiber, and rich in omega 3 without the use of additives or preservatives. Stands in as a meat replacement in most recipes. An incredible, versatile, cholesterol-free protein source that's almost too good to be true! (Vegan) 5 Lb bags.


Original Seasoned Soy Curls.



Our bulk pasta salads have been a food service favorite across the Northwest since 1987! Using locally made gourmet pasta and all natural non-GMO ingredients, our three pasta salads including Veggie Chik (Vegan), Pesto Pasta (Vegan), and Greek Orzo (Vegetarian) are sure to add some zing to your deli case, salad bar or complement your menu. A tasty and refreshing side dish that always satisfies! 5 Lb bags.



        VEGGIE CHIK                               CREAMY PESTO                            GREEK ORZO

A bowl of Veggie Chik Salad topped with fresh dill and carrot shreds.
A bowl of Greek Orzo pasta salad topped with a garnish of fresh Parsley.



We've crafted a unique and tantalizing selection of heat and eat burritos that are perfect for your freezer case. Using the finest locally sourced non-GMO ingredients, our vegan and vegetarian burritos deliver a satisfying meal experience that's ready in minutes. Flavors include Vegan Breakfast, Breakfast Wrap (Vegetarian) Vegan Bean & Cheese, Bean & Cheese (Vegetarian), and Fiesta Fajita (Vegan). Your freezer is about to get a lot happier! Case of 12 - 8oz burritos.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito in wrapper.
Breakfast Wrap Burrito in wrapper.
Vegan Bean & Cheese Burrito in wrapper.
Fiesta Fajita Burrito in wrapper.
Bean & Cheese Burrito in wrapper.



Handmade in small batches, Zuñiga's is a uniquely flavored refrigerated salsa made from a traditional family recipe. The only salsa that ingeniously includes a whole, fresh Serrano chili inside each container so you can customize your preferred level of heat. The exhilarating authentic taste will absolutely amaze your taste buds! (Vegan) Case of 12 - 14oz containers.


Container of Zuñiga's Mild Salsa.
Container of Zuñiga's Hot Salsa.
Container top of Zuñiga's Mild Salsa.
Container top of Zuñiga's Hot Salsa.

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